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J-1 Health Insurance Requirement

All Exchange Visitors (J-1) and their J-2 dependents are required to maintain health and accident insurance coverage during the entire time they participate in an Exchange Visitor program. The Exchange Visitor regulations specify a minimum level of coverage.
  • Major medical benefits must be at least $100,000 for each accidental illness. 
  • Repatriation benefit must be at least $25,000. 
  • Medical evacuation must be covered for at least $50,000.
  • The deductible for each accident or illness may not exceed $500.
  • Policy may not unreasonably exclude coverage for perils inherent to the activities of the exchange program.
Any insurance policy secured to fulfill the above requirements, must be underwritten by an insurance corporation having an A.M. Insurance coverage backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the Exchange Visitor's home country shall be deemed to meet the requirement.

An Exchange Visitor who willfully fails to maintain the insurance coverage as set forth or who makes a material misrepresentation to the sponsor regarding the coverage will be considered to be in violation of the USIA regulations and will be subject to termination as an Exchange Visitor participant. It is your responsibility, not Wesleyan University's, to obtain and maintain insurance coverage. Please be sure to discuss health coverage with your designated RO or ARO.